Our Story

Since 2014....

Founded in 2014 – Kilo eliquid, is a world renowned premium Eliquids brand. Which represents the greater freedom of expression through unique ideas and tastes while retaining its own iconic style and originality.

Kilo Eliquids continues to grow by introducing award winning Eliquids and Pod system devices. In 2020 Kilo Salts was introduced to the line up which has helped those vapers who require a stronger nicotine delivery.

kilo eliquid

Present Day...

The Strong Just Got Stronger

Since 2014, Kilo E-liquids has developed their artistry, craft, and unmatched dedication to excellence. Today, the stability of the company is constructed around five fundamental values cultivated by the founders: Passion, Integrity, Sophistication, Creativity, and Patience. As industry leaders, we will continue to provide superior levels of quality to enhance the standard even among all others.

kilo eliquid

Core Values

Our passion guides our pursuit of perfecting and meticulously crafting each blend seamlessly with balance and harmony. Through the years, Kilo E-Liquids has surpassed technical and theoretical limits to meet the ever growing demand for sophisticated flavours. True artisans, we boldly sculpt and revolutionise with an industry that is constantly evolving and creating boundaries, only to surpass them.

Our Commitment

With quality always preceding quantity, the brand continues to grow methodically while exceeding expectations with craftsmanship to the last drop’ garnering us awards for many achievements.

Kilo Eliquids has grown to a full complex collection of 12 distinct flavour profiles born under the kilo legacy; each flavour coveted by a new breed of evolutionary influences.