Who are we?
Kilo E-liquids was founded in 2014 in California, USA. Since then we have grown and become a world-renowned premium E-liquid brand. We are constantly working on new ways to revolutionise the vaping industry and make vaping a lot better and safer for new vapers and existing vapers.

Kilo E-liquids has multiple series that we launched together for the current market. The series we have launched and are existing today are, Kilo Classic Series, Fruit Series, Candy Series, Moo Series, Sour Series. Furthermore, Kilo launched the all new 1k Pod system, which is a closed mouth to lung pod system device which has exclusive Kilo E-liquids flavours.
Here at Kilo we are always looking to transform and make a difference for everyone. We cater for Sub-ohm vapers along with new vapers but have the same aim and that it to help people quit smoking and start vaping as a healthier and safer alternative.

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